About Us

Every dog deserves the joy of full mobility.

Where did Hardy Hound start?

It all began with observing a problem and coming up with a great idea. Over the years we have watched our beloved family dogs begin to grow old. With sadness, we saw these canine friends starting to slow down and struggling to move the way they used to. That got us thinking.

We reached out to a good friend who manufactures nutritional supplements. He helped us to create a strong formula that combines all the best ingredients for joint health. No fluff. We didn’t want a product that only did half the job. We wanted the best, because when you love your pet, how could you want anything less?


With that, Hardy Hound Complete Joint Health for Dogs was created!

We gave this new formula to our dogs, making sure there were no other changes to their diet or nutrition. The difference in their mobility was obvious. They moved with more freedom and less difficulty, chasing birds and often running like they did as pups. They had more energy and a better quality of life. (And we are overjoyed to see the improvement!) As we shared our formula with our friend’s dogs, they experienced similar results.

Was it a cure? No. Did it help? Absolutely! We can’t turn back the clock, but we can make it a better ride. That’s our goal at Hardy Hound. A hardy, well lived life for man’s best friend. We see our dogs as a part of the family and we know you do too. All dogs deserve lots of love and good health. We know you’ve got the loving part covered. Let us help with the health!