Should You Buy A Dog If You Have Allergies?

Are you thinking about getting a dog, but struggle with allergies? It’s a valid concern. 30% of all allergy sufferers in the US struggle with pet allergies and it can be a challenge to live with if your symptoms are severe. Can you live with a dog? Are there any hypoallergenic dogs? What can you […]

7 Lazy Dogs for the Couch Potato Lifestyle

Different dogs have been bred to perform all sorts of jobs and functions. From the German Shepherd Dog who was bred to be a herder and war dog to the Border Terrier who hunted foxes, each breed has their own unique traits and qualities. Out of the hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world, […]

The Top 5 Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Let’s be real. Most, if not all dogs, can be great for children so long as you put in the time and effort to train them right (dogs and children ;P). A naughty dog isn’t born that way, it’s made. Despite that, there are some dog breeds that naturally have the right temperament and build […]